Picket Fence Investment is on a brief hiatus.  ’m taking some time to focus on building my political consulting businesses. It’s what I really enjoy and I want to spend more time on that through 2020.    Real estate has been good to me - it’s helped me catch up on retirement investing, provided a nce income outside of my other businesses, and focus on something outside of politics.  

What I found is that I’m happiest when I really focus on into something.  And investing a few hours each week into real estate wasn’t rewarding.  I dove in head first, and got my real estate license in two states after investing as a hobby. What I learned: real estate is chock full of bureaucracy, set-up to protect a really flawed system. When you do this part-time, you spend most of your time filling out paperwork, handling your broker, or doing things that don’t much to advance your career.

But I plan to be back soon.

When it comes to real estate, I’m focusing on three things:

  1. Going in one of three tracks with my investing: I’m researching and making plans to either  1) purchasing more rental units so that I can grow and scale my business, 2) scaling down the number of properties and purchasing a small apartment building, or 3) selling units so I can invest them differently (ie. investing in small businesses).

  1. Finding more ways to help real estate clients in my politics businesses.  I’m working through my political businesses to find ways to help more real state clients facing political challenges.  I’m really into seeing communities grow, density improve, and I want to find ways to help people build better communities through my political work.   It’s a niche that I’ve enjoyed working on, and want to do more.

  1. Making some change to the real estate industry. The National Association of Realtors doesn’t serve its members well. It’s a bloated and ineffective organization that invests millions on right wing causes, protecting a system that only works well for real estate brokers and their own staff. It’s time to change that, and I’m looking forward to finding ways to make sure they’re more accountable.  

Looking forward to spending more time on real estate when the time is right.  But until then, if you’re interested in real estate, I’m happy to give some tips, advice, or suggestions. And if you need more help than I can provide, I can introduce you to some people who can help