Milwaukee for Minneapolis Investors?

Are there any Twin Cities investors who are interested in the Milwaukee real estate market? I'm launching a Milwaukee Investment Group for Twin Cities Investors.

Here's the background.

When the Minneapolis market got hotter, I looked to Milwaukee for investing and it's been a great complement to my investing here in the Twin Cities. There's a different price point in Milwaukee and more availability and I see a lot of potential there, especially for MSP area investors that might be frustrated with the Minneapolis/St. Paul market.  And Milwaukee is home, so getting back there more regularly is an added bonus.

I'm launching two programs:

-Monthly "Milwaukee for Twin Cities" investor group.
-Potential Milwaukee tours for any Twin Cities investors that want to look at properties (I'm doing two test runs of this in May and June with some friends who want to invest, and will be opening this up in July).

Picket Fence Investment is in the process of hiring staff in the Twin Cities and once we're set there, I hope to hire someone on the ground in Milwaukee. I have a real estate license in Minnesota (with Exit Realty Metro) and in Wisconsin (with Homestead Realty) and can help on that front.

Are there any Minneapolis investors that want to learn more about investing in Milwaukee? Feel free to connect or message me so we can keep in touch as I get things moving.

Minneapolis Househackers Group

Minneapolis Househackers Group