The FSBO + Program

Some sellers don’t want a lot of hand holding, but understand that using the traditional real estate market to help sell their home is worth some investment.   For a less involved option than our full service option ($3,000 plus 2.5% co-broker commission), we offer an FSBO+ Program.for $899 plus 2.5% co-broker commission (paid to the buyer-agent if a buyer is represented) 

50% of the payment is due upfront, and 50% is payable upon closing.

For a flat fee of $899, we will:

  • List on the Multiple Listing Service.
  • Provide an initial pricing and staging recommendation.
  • Draft your listing.
  • Take professional photos
  • Provide you with a calendar program that you can use to allow agents to schedule showings.
  • Provide a page on our website for you to promote (here’s an example.
  • Provide you three suggestions on title companies you can use if the property ends with an accepted offer.

Once we set this up, we’re not able to provide additional advice or service

Seller obligations:

  • Coordinate showings (we’ll give you an online program that helps people schedule showings directly).   
  • Agree to offer the 2.5% co-broker commission.
  • Handle all questions and negotiations with buyers and agents. Questions from agents will be referred to you.  Here’s the language that we’ll send to agents when they inquire: “This property is part of our limited service program. The owner has agreed to a co-broker commission and will answer any questions that you have.  Please contact the owner here (and we’ll provide your info).
  • Legally, we can’t advise on any specifics afterwards.  If you ask questions about how to handle specific parts of the offer, we’ll let you know that, “Part of the limited listing agreement is that we are not currently representing you. I wish I could weigh in more, but we can only do that with our full service program.”  

The FSBO+ Program is limited service listing program doesn’t include any of these traditional real estate agent services:

  • Advise on complying with state and local laws.
  • Manage the showing process.
  • Provide ongoing updates on listing progress.
  • Present offers and negotiate.
  • Advise you on the closing process.
  • Ongoing support

It also doesn’t include any of the Picket Fence Investment services:

  • Door to door promotion.
  • Bulletin board blitz.
  • Digital advertising to our buzzmaker universe.
  • Ongoing support and guidance.