The Savvy Buyers Program

Imagine getting a check from your real estate agent at closing. With the Savvy Buyers Program, you can receive 50% of my commission back at closing.

Here’s the story on how real estate agents are typically compensated: Listing agents often negotiate a flat percentage, typically 6%, to sell a home.  If a buyer comes through with an agent, that buyer’s agent is paid a portion of this (typically 3%).   

Our Savvy Buyer program reimburses you 50% of that cost.

In the case of the $200,000 home,  you’ll receive a check for $3,000.

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Here are the requirements:

  • You've been through the homebuying process before.
  • You understand it's a tough market and that you need to make offers quickly.
  • You know what you want, and with some help, you can identify a specific price range and neighborhood(s).
  • You understand that in a tough market you may need to consider ideas outside of your ideal property.
  • You picture yourself wanting to see a handful of properties and make an offer. If the right property isn't there for you, you may put your search on auto-pilot, receiving listings and keeping your eyes open, but not actively searching. This means that we’re not looking at properties that you are not serious about purchasing.
  • You’re willing to explore some tactics that investors use to purchase properties. You can read more about these tactics here.
  • You are pre-approved or will get pre-approved for financing before the search.
  • You are looking to purchase in the next 2 months.

Some buyers are just exploring and need some time to understand what they want before they'll be in a position to make an offer. There's nothing wrong with that, but this program isn't a good fit for you. If you feel like you need more help in your home search, contact us and we can refer you to an agent that’s a great fit.  

But if you’re a savvy buyer, we want to reward you and offer you incentives.

It doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars to buy and sell homes. At Picket Fence Investment we offer non-traditional options, including the Savvy Buyer Program, Flat Fee Listing, and Househackers (coming soon).


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