Work with Picket Fence Investment

Picket Fence offers internship opportunities in addition to the jobs described below. For more info, visit

Full-time and Part-Time Positions
Picket Fence is hiring a salaried (full-time or part-time) real estate salesperson to join our creative, new, and local real estate company.  The position starts May 1st (or soon thereafter).

Here’s some more information:

  • Starting salary of $3,000/month for full-time salaried positions and $15/hour base for part-time staff. Experienced agents are welcome to apply but the $3,000/month is a standard salary for agents with 0-3 years experience.
  • After a probationary period, you receive benefits including: paid-time off, health care reimbursement, and more.
  • Additional commissions apply after two transactions, whether we generated the lead or you did.
  • Transactions are defined as: 1 listing = 1 transaction,  1 leasing = .5 transaction.  1 buyer agent representation = 1.5 transaction. 
  • Our team has the following fees: Listings are at $3,000 plus 2.5% buyer agent commission and $1,000 for a leasing. We will work with three categories of buyers: first-time investors, creative investors, and experienced buyers (through a Savvy Buyer’s program that gives experienced buyers 50% of the buyers agent commission back at closing).
  • Because you are salaried and not an independent contractor, there are different expectations. There are office hours, structures and quotas, weekly marketing and admin tasks, and daily/weekly outreach goals. 
  • The position is based out of downtown Minneapolis and you will work from the office the majority of your time (when you’re not out talking with clients).
  • Marketing will be done through the company’s social media and CRM.  Like most sales positions, there will be a non-compete agreement.

Picket Fence Investment is owned by a real estate investor who is a licensed agent with Exit Realty Metro. To work with this position, you'll need to be or become an agent with Exit Realty Metro.

This is a good fit for you if:

  • You love selling, but you don't love having to deal with everything else (lead generation, databases, taxes, and running a business).
  • You're fearless, and not afraid to pick up the phone and knock on doors to turn leads into listings, and close sales.
  • You're looking for stability in your business.
  • Want to focus on the Minneapolis market (with a focus on downtown Minneapolis) and/or helping investors.
  • You'd like to shake up the traditional way of doing real estate (commissions based on percentage of sales and independent contractor relationships) but still offer quality service.
  • You'd rather spend your time selling real estate than hanging around "networking" at real estate events.  

To Apply:
All applications need to be submitted through google forms - visit here.